Sam Rosenwasser, President & General Manager (Retired)
WTSP-TV Tampa Florida
(Gannett Broadcasting)
Phone: 727-726-3590

I worked with Destinations Unlimited…(Switzerland and Australia) while I was general sales manager at KVUE in Austin, Texas. The trips were extremely successful, thanks to the detail work of Nick Brizendine. He leaves absolutely nothing to chance. I have every confidence in him. And because he also has a broadcast background he fully understands who the people are on your incentive trip, how they got there, etc. Destinations Unlimited will deliver a trip experience you and your clients won’t soon forget.

Caroline Devine, Former Regional Vice President/General Manager (Retired)
(Cox Broadcasting)
Phone: 713-877-1491

Since 1983, Nick and I have worked together on incentive travel in three markets (Austin, San Antonio and now Houston). During that time we have traveled to some wonderful, occasionally exotic, destinations. I know there are inevitable challenges in planning and traveling with large groups of VIPs but he makes it seem effortless, and any concerns or headaches are invisible to the management team and definitely to our clients. To you as a management team, and most importantly to your clients, you will have a fun, seamless, worry and hassle-free experience. Our follow-up with clients always includes huge compliments for his handling of the trip, and they soon see Nick and his team as personal friends, their memories are happy ones, and our repeat factor has been extraordinary. He has my unqualified endorsement.

Sara Fulmer, Local Sales Manager
KENS-TV, San Antonio, TX
(Belo Broadcasting)
Phone: 210-377-8682

I thought it might help your decision process to know how about our experience with Nick.–OUTSTANDING! As the local sales manager, I have now worked with 3 different companies in my past and by far, Nick was the best! I would be happy to talk any specifics with any of you regarding Destinations Unlimited. We just got back from our trip to Australia and Nick did not miss a single detail–Very first class and very fair from a cost standpoint–the best….

Lanny Kiest, General Sales Manger (Retired)
KLST-TV, San Angelo, TX
(Jewell Television, Inc.)
Phone: 325-659-2734

Have you heard the line..”You’re in good hands with All State?” Well this is very much applicable with Nick at Destinations Unlimited too. We have had several promotional trips through Nick and he has done an excellent job each time and always there when needed. I certainly would recommend Nick if choosing a company to work with putting together and executing a promotional trip.