Following a successful career as a Radio Account Executive and advertising agency principal, Nick Brizendine founded Destinations Unlimited in 1981 in Austin, Texas as a full service travel agency specializing in the needs of the business traveler. Because of many contacts in broadcasting, radio and television stations made up the majority of the early clientele of Destinations Unlimited.

During the economic downturn of the middle 80’s, stations were looking for a way to increase their advertising revenues despite the sagging market conditions. Incentive travel was a great tool to help stations move market share and improve their bottom lines. The success of an initial first quarter program for KEYI-FM in Austin, Texas (entitled “April In Paris” – on the inaugural flight of American Airlines into Paris) soon spread to other markets throughout the southeastern United States.

By 1986, Destinations Unlimited had spun off all individual travel agency services in favor of group broadcast incentive travel services, exclusively. Today, our focus remains true to the early goals of the company, i.e. to provide high quality incentive travel programs to medium size broadcast markets throughout the U.S. at affordable rates. That’s why we say:

Increase Your Sales & See The World!