Why Broadcasters Prefer Travel Incentives

  • Unlike cash, memories last a lifetime
  • It’s exotic, it’s exciting, and it motivates higher performance
  • Travel is a lifetime goal for most people

Why Group Rather Than Individual Travel

  • Shared experience builds better personal relationship with client
  • Opportunity to learn more about client’s company in a non-business environment
  • Allows the inclusion of unique exclusive events that could never be reproduced for individuals, e.g. Vienna Boys’ Choir performance, Queens Grenadier Guards, Dinner in a Medieval Castle, etc.

Most Stations Use Incentives To:

  • Increase advertising revenue (new business and increased share from existing advertisers)
  • Solidify their existing customer base, i.e. establish “Brand Loyalty” to get through a “down” book
  • Minimize defections of your top salespeople to your competition

We used to run a lot of trips as incentives and bonuses…there was something about a well-planned trip to an exotic spot that was very difficult to pass up. These trips were always a big hit…which raised their (the dealers) morale even higher and gave them a heightened sense of purpose and belonging.
…For me, the trips were a perfect opportunity to touch base with a lot of dealers over a short time. They were also an ideal way of combining work with a good time…

Lee Iacocca from Iacocca, An Autobiography. Bantam Books.